About us



ePass.nl is a Netherlands based online store offering the full range of ePass cryptographic security products manufactured by Feitian Technologies.

ePass Benelux is a alliance between Novaris and OpenFortress digital signatures to deliver and develop security applications based on PKI.

ePass cryptogtraphic tokens are portable USB attached devices. Ideal for PKI and smart card applications: two-factor authentication, E-mail encryption, SSL secured websites, password consolidation, secure login




ePass Mission

At ePass Benelux, we aim to work with security developers to maximize their cryptography potential and in return increase their revenue.

Today's highly competitive software market has caused many software developers to reduce their product pricing in order to cope. At ePass, we aim to supply the best possible cryptography solutions at the most competitive pricing so that you can still maintain your profits without sacrificing quality or value.

ePass is about the size of your thumb and lightweight enough for you to attach to your keychain or simply be dropped into your pocket. But this elegant little device includes a special microprocessor for powerful PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) for standard applications.


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